your health matters


You self-treated your urinary tract infection, and it never quite went away. Or, you could've sworn your husband was really sick, so you went to the emergency room, only to find out it was a simple virus and now you're left with a hefty hospital bill. 

Managing your health and the health of your loved ones is difficult. And it gets even more complicated when you don't quite understand your insurance, or when to see your doctor versus when to stay at home and ride this one out. And to top it off with those crazy expenses just for even basic medications...yeah. 

But, I promise you, I can help. I believe it's time that you have the resources and the capability of taking control of your own health. Let's not settle, anymore, for guessing and checking. Let me help you. Let's talk about it all: when to self treat, what to treat with, and when to go to the doctor, and which doctor to go to. I'll help you avoid the crazy expenses, while you still receive the best care. 

Let's do it together.