Saalt Menstrual Cup: A Review

Saalt Menstrual Cup: A Review

Happy Sunday, ladies! 

Today, I want to share a prettyyyy personal blogpost about my first time using a menstrual cup! For those of you who were like me and were contemplating switching from tampons to a cup, I really hope this review of Saalt's Menstrual Cup is helpful! 

SO. Last week was the dreaded week... you know, the one where you see your sugar pills and think long and hard about just... skipping them entirely and moving on to the next month, lol. I know I've done this way too many times to count! But this past week, I promised myself that I would try my menstrual cup from Saalt. So, I began the sugar pills and seriously hoped for the best. 


about saalt co. 

Before I officially review my experience with this cup, I want to share a little about Saalt Co.!

Saalt was inspired by those who didn't have access to staple hygiene items, and founded with two overarching ideas in mind: 1) making period hygiene simple, and 2) empowering women and girls through period care. Saalt believes that when a girl or woman must miss school or work because of her period, her future is impacted. As a result, Saalt has partnered with multiple organizations to provide period care to women and girls--and purchasing Saalt's menstrual cups assist in this global change.

Saalt's mission and story is special to me! For those of you who don't know, I purchase birth control from a organization that also provides birth control to women around the world. Of course, it would be cheaper with my insurance, but I love knowing that when I purchase my birth control, another girl receives birth control, too. I'll share more on this another time :) Anyway, all that to say that empowering women is a bad ass mission, and I'm all for it. 

the cup

Okay, now for the review of the cup herself! :) BUT before I jump right in, I want to tell you some handy things to know about menstrual cups and Saalt's cup in general:


it's a safe alternative to tampons.

For those of you who haven't heard, likely the biggest campaign for menstrual cups is that it is considered significantly safer when compared to tampons. Tampons' material results in an environment in which bacteria can grown, thus raising the risk of toxic shock syndrome. Menstrual cups however are often made of medical grade silicon, which resists bacteria. Saalt's cup is made of this same material.

it lasts years. 

Many cups are made to "last," but Saalt's cup can last up to ten years. 

it saves you money.

Think for a moment about how much you personally spend on tampons or pads each month. I know for me, the cost can really get up there! But menstrual cups will save you money because it's a purchase that lasts years. 

it's leak-free for up to 12 hours.

One of the most impressive thing about Saalt's menstrual cup is how long you can wear it! This means you can go an entire day without changing anything and without any leaks!

it provides a suction and seal to prevent leaking.

This is actually how most cups work, by providing a suction to maintain placement and prevent leaking. It does not absorb your period like tampons, it collects it. 


These reasons alone (starting of course with the first!) forced me to really consider switching to the cup! So, here is my experience with Saalt's menstrual cup:

the pros:

It wasn't uncomfortable.

The first time I used the cup, I experienced cramping (which is never fun), but I have not had any issues since! I believe that my cervix had to get accustomed to the suction of the cup, but otherwise, I felt no discomfort! Honestly, I couldn't even tell that I was wearing it. 

it was easy to use.

I'll admit that insertion and removal of the cup was not initially easy (but I mean, I don't even want to think of my first time using a tampon!). But after a couple tries, I got the hang of it! Now, the cup is both easy to insert and easy to remove.

it's easy to clean. 

Upon removal, I actually just have my bathtub ready and I wash my cup immediately in the tub with warm water and soap. Then, I can wash my hands and either reinsert the cup, or set it aside. 


The cons:

its trial and error (like everything else).

I'm a little embarrassed to share that on my second or third day of using the cup, I dropped it in the toilet...sigh. But, you live and you learn and it won't happen again! 

its a little messier.

I'm getting real with you guys! When you remove a cup that holds the glorious contents of your endometrial lining... it's a little messy. But, personally I'm okay with that! I simply have my bathtub ready for cleaning. 

it costs more than tampons and pads (but not for long).

Saalt's menstrual cup costs $27, and yeah, that's more than you're used to paying for tampons or pads. But, with how long the cup lasts and how much money you save from foregoing tampons and pads, the cup is the cheaper option. 


Learn + Buy


before you buy:

For those of you who are really considering this cup, please first read the "How To Use Guide" on Saalt's website, here. It has all the information you need on proper insertion, removal, and cleaning. Also read about the right cup size for you, here. 


okay, where do you buy it?

For those of you who are convinced, you can buy Saalt's cup here or click on the photo at the beginning of this post!  

I sincerely hope this post was helpful for you! Please leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions!


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