DIY Leather Earrings with Cricut 

DIY Leather Earrings with Cricut 

I wouldn’t describe my style as  “fashionable”—I tend to gravitate more towards casual looks and neutral colors. My friends’ jewelry is overwhelmingly blush and gold, but my only pair of Kendra Scott earrings is gunmetal black. 

That’s just my style. Simple. 

Yet, my style is also known for my love of brown leather accents and accessories. Go into my closet, and you’d find numerous handbags from Fossil (because I can’t seem to keep to my budget when I’m there...) as well as more bags from Italy because I just love that Italian leather. 

So when leather drop earrings became a thing (even for the casual girl!), I was all in. 

And I decided to try out my new Cricut Explore Air 2 and attempt making them. Because what the hell, right?

And guys...they turned out so well. Seriously! And now, I’m really excited to walk you through how to make them yourself!


Here’s what I loved about this DIY:

  1. With the right supplies, it was entirely easy and quick—I’ve made five more pairs this morning alone. 

  2. It’s a total ego booster. If you feel like you keep losing on craft projects, this one will make you feel oh so great. 

  3. The earrings themselves are simple and just beautiful! I sent photos to my friends and them immediately wanted some, so I’m gifting them! 

Ready to do this DIY? I hope so! You’ll love it!

Okay, so here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Cricut Machine (either Maker, Explore Air, or Explore Air 2! I own the Explore Air 2 and you can get it here!)

  2. Cricut StrongGrip Mat

  3. Cricut Deep Cut Blade and Housing

  4. Access to Cricut Design Space (so either your smartphone, iPad, or laptop!)

  5. Leather (more on this below, don’t worry!)

  6. Scissors

  7. Leather Hole Punch

  8. Earring Hooks

  9. Jewelry Pliers


A note on leather:

Okay, so there are different types, styles, and colors of leather out there! You have some options. In general, leather hides that you purchase will work, but it’s up to you to inspect the leather for yourself to see if it’s suitable as an earring material—some leather is thinner, some it thicker. The thicker or stiffer the hide, the thicker and stiffer the earring. 

You can purchase real or faux leather made by Cricut.
Or, you can purchase hides from Amazon.
Or, you can check any craft store such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc. 

I purchased leather scraps from Hobby Lobby similar to these. I did this because I really only needed small pieces (about 3x4”) to make a pair of earrings.

Step One: Prepare your cutout in Cricut Design Space

Launch Cricut Design Space and make this project, as it will serve as the cutout for our earrings! Feel free to make them smaller or larger if you’d like!

Make certain both images are attached to one another! They should be, but if they are not, go ahead and select them all and click attach!

Then, click ‘Make It’!


Step Two: Prepare your Hide

With the leather piece you’ve selected, cut a rectangle that is roughly 3x4 inches and place it on your Cricut StrongGrip Mat in the top left corner. 


Step Three: Prepare your Cricut Machine

On your Cricut, turn the dial to ‘Custom’ and select ‘Genuine Leather’ within Cricut Design Space. 

Load your Deep Cut Blade and Housing into your Cricut. Select ‘Default’ under ‘Pressure’ within Cricut Design Space. 

Place your Cricut StrongGrip Mat within the loading tray, and press the loading arrow on your Cricut to load the mat. Make certain that the mat has actually loaded before proceeding!


Step Four: Make the Cut

Press the ‘Go’ button on your Cricut, and watch it cut your earrings! 


Step Five: Complete your Earrings!

Unload the mat, and remove the leather pieces and your earring cutouts.

Take your leather hole punch, and punch the smallest hole that it offers. 

Next, grab your jewelry pliers, and open the bottom portion of the earring hook that will hold  the leather. Hook it through the leather, and close the earring hook with the pliers. 

Complete the second earring!


Step Six: Feel Warm and Fuzzy, Friend! 

Look what you made! Aren’t you so proud?? I’m crazy proud of you and your mad jewelry making/leather cutting skills! 


Now, please show off your new earrings either on instagram or in the comments below, or feel free to contact me directly here! And, if you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask! 

Happy crafting!


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