The Fairlane: Nashville, TN

The Fairlane: Nashville, TN

Every three months, Dan and I try to book a hotel somewhere just to get away. I believe that at the end of the day, everyone chooses what to spend their money on. Some people want a really nice car. We just want a beautiful boutique hotel, with a great bathroom, and clean sheets. 

So, I convinced Dan to let us take a well needed vacation in Nashville, TN, this past June. We were heading to Chattanooga for a Third Eye Blind concert that weekend anyway, so I suggested we turn the trip into a weekend in Nashville, and simply drive a couple hours to Chattanooga the night of the concert. 


Thus, we found ourselves staying at the Fairlane Hotel that weekend--a retro/modern boutique hotel with plenty of midcentury modern vibes, and one of Nashville's newest boutique hotels. When we arrived, the valet parked our car, and the concierge told us that the hotel had been open for only two months but was #2 on TripAdvisor. I later found out that this was before the restaurant and the larger suites were even open to the public. 

As we went to the upper floors, I loved seeing the most subtle pink painted on the walls of every hallway! And our room was...just gorgeous. The Fairlane primarily utilizes two colors in its aesthetics: orange and deep green. That beautiful green (which looked almost deep turquoise at times) was seen in the velvet headboard of our bed, and I was in love! 

But if you guys know me at all, my favorite part of any hotel is the bathroom. I know it sounds weird, but I just love fancy, bright bathrooms in boutique hotels! And the Fairlane did not disappoint. As soon as I saw the subway tile, the open shower, and the beautiful, clean white and black colors, I immediately threw off my clothes and took one of the best showers ever (you know, crazy warm/hot with the water pressure absolutely perfect). I saw a beautiful (and super comfy) robe hanging next to the shower, so I course I snuggled up in that, too. 


Dan opened the curtains to the window (which encompassed the entire wall, actually) and we crawled into bed. Is it weird that I like to sleep with the curtains entirely open at night when I can? I guess when you're twenty floors up, you don't worry much about people seeing you.  

And gosh, we slept so good that night. Even as I write this, I wish we could be back in that bed!

The next morning, we both didn't want to leave the room. It was so intimate, and quiet, and just private. We felt like we were the only ones in the entire hotel! It was exactly what we needed. Of course, eventually our stomachs demanded we to get up and grab breakfast downstairs. 


We ate a great breakfast at Mile End Delicatessen, the first of two restaurants located within the Fairlane. I ordered the New Year--a bagel sandwich with apples, arugula, walnuts, and honey cream cheese--and Dan got the buttermilk pancakes (not surprising).  

Dan and I wanted to relax at the hotel for as long as we could and not leave until the concert.  I think after this semester, we've both been needing a weekend with just about zero plans, zero expectations, and wonderful quietness. The Fairlane's lobby was exactly that for us--so quiet, so open, with some of the tallest ceilings! I had to ask the concierge what the building used to be before the Fairlane, and was told that the building used to be a bank, with offices compiling the upper floors. Pretty cool, right? 

The Fairlane also has its own coffee shop, Union Teller Coffee Counter. It's of course just as beautiful as the rest of the Fairlane, with the most wonderful natural lighting. I ordered the Golden Latte, a signature drink with coconut milk and turmeric. It was great! 

This is a great time to share with you guys how amazing the employees were at the Fairlane. I bet you've been to a hotel where the concierge, the valet drivers, the restaurant staff, and ever the cleaning staff were fantastic, right? Well, have you been to a hotel where you were given a private tour of the master suite and second restaurant before either are open to the public? I'm so happy to say that's what we experienced at the Fairlane, and simply because of the staff we encountered, we will be going back. 

But of course, I'll show your the very few photos I took of the Penthouse East: one of two master suites at the Fairlane. I would have loved to take more, but honestly I was just taking in how beautiful the suite was! I snapped just a handful of photos...but please take my word on this: it's perfect. The kitchenette, the record player, the fireplace, the bed, the bathroom, and the balcony. It was...amazing. And I can promise you I was glowing.  

We also got a sneak peak at Ellington's Mid Way Bar & Grill while it was still under construction! As with just about the rest of the Fairlane, this restaurant maintained an open atmosphere, with those deep greens and oranges. We even ran into one of the guys who designed and help build the restaurant on the elevator! So fun! 

If you want to visit the Fairlane, book your stay here.    

Thanks for reading, friends!


Weekend in Nashville, TN

Weekend in Nashville, TN